Welcome to the New Business Analytics Tableau Forum!


The Office of Research and Data Analytics (RADAR) has developed a new Business Analytics Tableau Forum on California Child Support Central to go along with the statewide implementation of Tableau this year. The forum provides information on the project, a Decisions page, a shared documents library, frequently asked questions, team structure, and information on how local child support agencies and California Child Support staff will develop a common language for better data definitions (this is the process of data governance). The forum will be updated frequently to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest Tableau information. To explore the forum resources, go to California Child Support Central, Forums, Business Analytics Tableau.

Tableau will be a very important tool because it will provide data at your fingertips! Lassen County Child Support Services just received access and San Joaquin County Child Support Services is up next. If you want to see where your county is on the roll-out schedule, go to the Libraries link, Click on Tableau, Roll Out, then open the Tableau Roll Out document. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the leads for this project:
Kendra Damallie (CA DCSS – RADAR): Kendra.Damallie@dcss.ca.gov,
Jim Garrison (CA DCSS – Technology): Jim.Garrison@dcss.ca.gov or
Lori Cruz (San Joaquin County – Business): Lori.Cruz@sjgov.org