AB 2684 Phase I and II Recap


Congratulations to the hard-working team from California Child Support Services (CA DCSS) who fulfilled the January 1, 2020 deadline requirements of Assembly Bill (AB) 2684! In June 2019, the team started with a sprint to create a plan for the required changes. Implementation of these changes and other updates were eventually split into two phases. Phase I included the mandates of changing the name of the Paternity Opportunity Program (POP) to the Parentage Opportunity Program (still POP) and updating the POP Voluntary Declaration of Parentage form to include parents who conceive through assisted reproduction (excluding surrogacy).

Phase I of the project also included the POP Team delivering targeted overview trainings specifically preparing authorized witnessing agencies for the changes affecting the administration of POP. From July-December 2019, this included 58 live trainings and nine webinars focused on the changes impacting the program and participants of the program. Of these 67 trainings that were delivered, POP trained 1,168 authorized witnesses representing 56 of the 58 counties in California. The final POP training of 2019 was held in San Bernardino County and further POP training will resume in February 2020.

Two training sessions on policy changes related to AB 2684 were held in October 2019 by the Policy and Program Branch. One of these trainings was recorded and is available on Child Support University (CSU) at: 201 Intermediate/Case Management/Establishment/Parent and Child Relationship/AB 2684 Parent and Child Relationship Policy Overview.

In November 2019, two attorney trainings were organized by the Office of Legal Services. These trainings were for Local Child Support Agency attorneys as well as some members from the Judicial Council of California and Family Law Facilitators. The trainings were uploaded into CSU for attorneys who were unable to participate in person and can be found in the Course Catalogue/Specialized/2019 Attorney Forum Impacts of AB 2684 on Child Support.

Phase II of the project will begin in 2020 and additional changes will be made to the Child Support Enforcement System detail pages and forms; updates will be made to the online child support application, website(s), outreach materials, and publications. Edits will include the addition of gender-neutral pronouns and more inclusive language such as Parentage instead of Paternity, Mother (Birth Parent), Mother (Intended Parent), Father (Genetic Parent), and Father (Intended Parent), instead of Mother and Father. Once these changes are made, CSE release trainings will continue for local agency directors, caseworkers, and others.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact POP by calling (916) 464-1982 or emailing askpop@dcss.ca.gov or the Organizational Change Management Team at OCM@dcss.ca.gov.