Sonoma County DCSS Celebrated Los Cien

By: Brett Williams, Sonoma County DCSS

Sonoma County is home to a large and vibrant Latino community. Sonoma County Department of Child Support Services (Sonoma County DCSS) reaches out to this community in many ways and the department has built a team of child support professionals dedicated to their Spanish-speaking participants. Members of the bilingual staff have spoken on Spanish media channels to invite members of the Hispanic community in need of child support services to visit the Santa Rosa office. Earlier this month, Sonoma County DCSS Director Jennifer Traumann brought representatives of the department to the “Dia de Los Cien 10 Year Anniversary.”

Los Cien, Sonoma County’s largest Latino leadership organization, is dedicated to building a better future for Sonoma County’s Hispanic residents by “creating community understanding and unity through shared learning and leadership.” Every year Los Cien celebrates the community and brings organizations, public and private, together at Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa. This year the festivities included a buffet dinner highlighting tamales, mariachi music and wines from Latino vintners.

Joining the celebration were Health Department Director Barbie Robinson and Human Services Director Karen Fies who are a driving force in Sonoma County “safety net” departments providing services to residents. Other representatives from Sonoma County DCSS in attendance were Section Manager Amelia Rosas, Child Support Supervisor Dora Muro and Assistant Director Brett Williams. Sonoma County DCSS is proud to stand by the community they serve, not only while delivering services to those in need but by standing up to celebrating their success.