Business Analytics – A Tableau Update!


What has been accomplished thus far? What can you look forward to?

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) has procured Tableau as of October 2019. The Business Analytics Tableau Project Team has hit the ground running, ensuring everything will be in place for the initial rollout of a statewide dashboard. So, who will get access to Tableau first? Drumroll please…Lassen and San Joaquin will be the first counties to get on board beginning early 2020. Other counties will be brought on board in phases based on the needs assessment that was sent out October 2019.

Another project milestone is the completion of the four days of Tableau Creator training. The sessions provided hands-on experience with Tableau as local child support agency and CA DCSS staff were taught to create dashboards from data housed at CA DCSS.

What about training for everyone else?

Explorer License Training is coming January 2020 and is geared towards end-users who will be using dashboards in Tableau for their office or caseload. Modules based on the dashboards are being created at this time and will be posted on Child Support University (CSU) when ready for staff to access.

The project team also offered the Business Analytics Tableau Informational Session at CA DCSS that was available via WebEx on November 12th. In case you missed it, the recording can be heard on CSU, along with the PowerPoint presentation.

Marking another milestone, the Data Governance Council has been established, comprised of members from local child support agencies and the Child Support Directors Association, working with CA DCSS Chief Information Officer Catherine Lanzaro and representatives from the CA DCSS Policy Branch, Data Performance Analysis Branch, Office of Legal Services, and Finance. The council members are eager to get started on creating the process that will be used to define the data available to Tableau.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the leads for this project:

Kendra Damallie (CA DCSS – Business):
Jim Garrison (CA DCSS – Technology): or
Lori Cruz (San Joaquin County – Business):