California State Disbursement Unit Transition: Update on New Changes to Conduent Contract

By: Danielle Cenedella, CA DCSS

By April 2020, the California State Disbursement Unit (SDU) will implement several changes to the collection and processing of child support payments. Recently a new nine-year contract was awarded to Conduent, a digital interactions company that plans to use updated technology and an innovative platform that will transform the way the SDU operates.

The SDU transition is in full swing, and education to all stakeholders continues from Project Managers Ryna Stephenson, Mike Dorsey, and Mark Rogers. Many internal and external users such as the CA DCSS Operations, Technology Services Division, Statewide Customer Service Branch, local child support agencies, employers, parents that pay and persons who receive child support will be impacted and therefore it is key that regular meetings and progress updates are continued throughout this transition.

“Just about all areas of DCSS and the local agencies are assisting with the transition. We could not do it without their support and knowledge! Thanks to all that are involved,” said Ryna Stephenson, SDU Transition Project Manager and CA DCSS Centralized Contract Oversight Section Manager.

The biggest change is to the Electronic Payment Card (EPC) Program. Customers without a Social Security Number will now be able to sign up for an EPC Card. The new EPC card will be EMV (which stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa”) chipped, will have lower fees for the customer, and offer many other innovative features like companion cards, emergency cash transfer, etc.
Other changes required in the contract are:
1. Some correspondence that the SDU receives will be scanned directly into Child Support Enforcement (CSE)
2. SDU will create a dashboard for reporting and business analytics in CA DCSS Tableau
3. SDU call center requirements will be expanded, including a live chat option
4. Two-factor authentication will be added to the SDU payment page on the website
5. All Automated Clearing House payments for employers and parents paying support will be processed by ExpertPay, and all credit card payments for employers will be processed by ExpertPay
6. Non-sufficient funds collections outreach efforts will now be the responsibility of the SDU
In addition, KidStar will be upgraded with a new faster, easier interface for users to navigate the system.

For questions regarding the SDU transition, please contact Ryna Stephenson, Nitisha Gilra, or Jeremy Mayberry- Antolin. Updates will continue to be published in DCSS Today as the SDU Transition unfolds.