Why You Already Love TABLEAU

By: Kendra Damallie, CA DCSS

Tableau is almost here.  Okay, so what? 

The Business Analytics – Tableau project is the effort to implement third-party analytics software called Tableau with our CSE databases to create a statewide system to deliver business analytics.  The goal of the project is to provide 1) one truth for data definitions, 2) fresher data, 3) MORE data, and 4) statewide business analytics functionality.

Why do you love it?

Are you tired of saying one thing and someone interpreting it as something else?  (Did you scream YES?)  Tableau gets everyone on the same page.  One truth for data definitions is defined as “data governance,” the foundation for this project.  This ensures that the common language used for terms such as orders, payments, and obligations mean the same thing to everyone.

Even better, with Tableau the data will be fresher.  Currently, data in the Data Repository (DR) or the Case Management Tool is about two weeks old.  That’s not bad, but for cases that need a payment, two weeks is a long time. Tableau will provide near real-time data.

Tableau also provides more access to data.  The DR is available for those who know how to use it, but it doesn’t provide all the CSE data needed to work effectively. Now queries can be requested to provide more data, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have the data available on-demand?  Tableau can do that.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better, Tableau also provides statewide business analytics functionality. Facts about what you do every day, delivered how you want to see it.  The software easily identifies cases that need attention and trends to help make business decisions, tracking department performance.

What exactly is it?

Glad you asked.  Tableau is a data visualization tool that simplifies data into an easily understandable, intuitive format.  It creates statewide worklists when counties are working on department goals.  It creates the reports that YOU want to see with no change request required.  It pinpoints problems in any particular area that you want to explore. It provides performance data for new initiatives so you can know if your efforts are working, and more.  The best part is this dashboard is for everyone from a caseworker to the Director.  Yes, even David Kilgore will be able to use Tableau to find information he needs!

How do you get it?

In the next few weeks user training will begin.  Yes, EVERYONE will receive information on training. The Data Governance team and the process that will be used to define the data will be created, and soon (yes, that means soon), the first data set with universal access through Tableau will be rolled out, and users (yes, this means you) will provide feedback to finalize the governance (definitions) of the data.  See? You already love it.  You just didn’t know it until now.

Got questions? Feel free to contact the project leads CA DCSS Staff Services Manager Kendra Damallie Kendra.Damallie@dcss.ca.gov or San Joaquin County DCSS Director Lori Cruz: Lori.Cruz@sjgov.org