CA DCSS Recognized by California Workforce Development Board for Successful Collaborative Partnership


The Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) was recognized by the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) in July of this year for the time and commitment invested during the 2018-2019 Local Plan Modification review process. Beginning in December 2017, CA DCSS began the process to create a partnership with CWDB with the goal of helping unemployed, underemployed and payment-delinquent participants find and retain employment. By June 2018, the partnership was formalized.

The award for this successful collaboration, just beginning implementation, is due in large part because of the hard work of both local child support agencies and their local workforce development boards. CA DCSS learned a lot from the local agencies that already had partnerships with their workforce development boards, and saw firsthand how the referral system would work, what barriers exist to assisting the unemployed paying parent, and what data could strengthen the partnership at the local level.

The goal is to continue strengthening and supporting the local child support agencies with this state level partnership, so collaboration and referrals can be practiced statewide. Research shows that when unemployed parents who owe child support have an avenue to gainful employment and a career path, they are more likely to reengage with the program and take care of their financial responsibilities. The results are empowering, and in the end more support is paid.

CWDB Executive Director Tim Rainer said, “Your contribution has been invaluable to strengthening coordination among partners to ensure the strategic implementation of the state plan.”

Thank you to Ashley Wheat, Danielle Cenedella, John Brooding and Rick Bermudez at CA DCSS, along with all the local agency staff for their hard work and dedication in successfully implementing this Workforce Development partnership for the benefit of families statewide.