Successful BECA Launch Completed in July

By: Nancy Bejines, CA DCSS

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) is proud to announce that the Budget and Expenditure Claiming Application (BECA) was successfully implemented statewide in July 2019. After implementation, the CA DCSS BECA training team, which included Jennifer Younger, Donna Scheidegger, Rashelle Acosta, Nancy Bejines, Vicky Brundige, and Owen Dudley, partnered with Shelley Millis-Wight, Director of Customer Success (OpenGov), and Liz Leon, Project Manager (OpenGov), and two members of the BECA Local Child Support Agency (LCSA) Workgroup, Sarah Honeycutt, Director of Madera County DCSS, and Peter Chhu, Budget Analyst with San Bernardino County DCSS, to conduct a week of one-day interactive training workshops for child support staff statewide. Training was kicked off at headquarters by the BECA training team and the BECA LCSA Workgroup on July 15th.

These workshops began by providing fiscal officers an in-depth look at the project background.  After this, trainees were able to navigate through BECA to familiarize themselves with the various business process flows. To aid this transition, the BECA training team developed a bridging template, which both Sarah and Peter used as a foundation for their own bridging documents. They presented the development process and the reports they use to streamline data entry into BECA. Each training day ended with a hands-on exercise where fiscal officers were asked to break down and enter their state fiscal year 2019-20 budget requests.

After training was completed, the CA DCSS team posted all training materials and resources available on California Child Support Central located on the LCSA Fiscal Administration page. These are in the BECA folder and include:

  • Fiscal Officer Training PowerPoint
  • Director Overview Training PowerPoint
  • BECA LCSA User Guide
  • Line Item Definitions, Chart of Accounts, and much, much more.

The team has also scheduled a series of drop-in office hours via WebEx, to provide BECA users the opportunity to ask questions, share tips with their peers, or simply listen to what others have to share. The first office hours – which resulted in great discussions with all the participants – were held on August 13th and will continue every other Tuesday from 10:30 AM to 12 PM.  

Training for fiscal officers is also available on an as-requested basis. Any county or regional agency fiscal staff interested in training should request it by emailing DCSSLCSAFiscal& .

CA DCSS would like to thank the BECA LCSA workgroup: Angela Anderson, Alameda County DCSS; David Lui, Fresno County DCSS; Brett Sakamoto, Kern County DCSS; Kimberlee Eggert, Kings County DCSS; Raymond Kwong, Los Angeles County CSSD; Jackie Ly, Orange County DCSS; Jeff Thompson, Placer County DCSS, Craig Shaffer, San Diego County DCSS; Leticia Rocha-Corona, San Joaquin County DCSS; Rita Cortes, San Mateo County DCSS; Mette Richardson, Santa Barbara County DCSS; Nancy McDougall, Shasta County DCSS; Mike Ohlmann, Solano County DCSS; Amanda Battles, Sutter County DCSS; and Tim Wall, Tulare County DCSS, for their participation in the BECA Project.  CA DCSS staff also thanks all LCSA staff who attended the BECA training workshops and looks forward to continuing to work together through this transition. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email them to DCSSLCSAFiscal&