Solano County Launches Innovative “I am, We Are” Campaign

By: Chad Reed, CA DCSS

While building on the branding research conducted by California Department of Child Support Services in 2016, Solano County Department of Child Support Services (Solano County DCSS) recently launched the “I am, We Are” outreach campaign.

After conducting various staff discussions focused on who they are as an organization and how they want to be perceived in the community, Solano County DCSS worked with 95.3 KUIC, a local radio station, to develop and place three radio ads across Solano County as well as two of neighboring counties.

The innovative approach to brand awareness is focused around the men and women of Solano County DCSS rather than current or future customers. In doing so, the ads highlight the way in which the staff of Solano County DCSS are just like any other community member, whose job happens to be helping to empower, enable, and assist parents in supporting their children.

The three different radio ads will be live through the end of September 2019, and customers are being informally surveyed to see if has affected their ideas regarding child support.  Following the campaign, Solano County DCSSS will evaluate the results and determine if radio is an effective media outlet for the next round of targeted outreach.

“We hope to be more relatable to our customers and become a resource that people think to go to first, as opposed to a last resort. We want our customers to be active in our cases and see us as a friendly face and not the system” said Solano County DCSS Outreach Coordinator, Amelia English.