Kern County Recognized as Top Contributor to March of Dimes

By: Stacy Wuertz, Kern County DCSS

Weddings, babies, retirement –like offices everywhere, Kern County Department of Child Support Services (Kern County DCSS) staff celebrate it all. Several years ago, it was no different as they celebrated one of their staff members expecting a child.  A baby shower was held, oohs and ahhs were heard as she opened gifts, and everyone ate delicious cake, so they were stunned and did not know what to when she went into labor too early and delivered a baby too tiny to take home.

After many months in the hospital, her baby was well enough to take home and our staff member was able to return to work. In sharing her experience, she was very grateful to March of Dimes for how much they supported her and her family during this difficult time. And when March of that year came around, she asked to put out a jar in the break area to collect dimes during their annual donation drive. Little did she know that was just the beginning.

March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies and believes every baby deserves the best possible start. This call to action aligned well with the Kern County DCSS mission statement: “We deliver outstanding child support services so that all children receive the financial and medical resources necessary for their well-being.”  Ever since, Kern County staff embrace March of Dimes as a charity of choice.

That tiny baby from all those years ago is now starting high school and Kern County DCSS continues to support the efforts of March of Dimes, providing staff with various opportunity to contribute. This year, they were asked to come to a special fundraising kick-off event where the department received special recognition as one of the top 5 overall contributors to March of Dimes, raising $32,509 over the past 10 years. When they accepted the award, they were thrilled to realize their staff of 179 people made such a huge impact on their community. In 2019, they have raised another $2000 and one of our staff members, Andrea Sobrien, was specially recognized as a 2019 Top Fundraiser for all of her work in leading these efforts. Congratulations to Kern County DCSS for their generous staff and their dedication to such a worthwhile cause.