CA DCSS and LCSAs Partner to Improve Child Support System’s Financial Data and Processes

By: The OCM Office

The goal of the Financial Restructure Project was to improve the integrity, security and consistency of financial data and processes in the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system and program. This project was a collaborative effort between the California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) and local child support agency (LCSA) financial subject matter experts (SMEs) and directors.

The project started with reviewing an assessment conducted by a nationally-recognized financial SME through a contract with Conduent. The assessment identified issues and recommended changes in business processes and CSE functionality.

Through a collaborative effort, LCSA and CA DCSS SMEs identified and modified 13 procedures and developed new policy that could be implemented as interim measures pending system changes. To name a few, the measures alter procedures for entering modified orders in CSE, closing a IV-D case, and non-standard distribution. These high-priority interim solutions provide consistency until the necessary changes are made in CSE.

Currently, CA DCSS is working with LCSAs to develop informational sessions for LCSA directors and training for financial SMEs for the modified procedures and policy. The team also identified high-level requirements for 18 long-awaited CSE changes, which have been approved and added to the system portfolio.

In a separate effort, a financial business sprint was conducted, which resulted in a recommendation to create a CA DCSS Financial Team of CA DCSS staff along with LCSA partners that would be responsible for policy, procedures, training, quality assurance and the development and support of CSE change requests. The recommendation was approved to go forward by the CA DCSS Directorate.

Stay tuned for exciting news about the new Financial Team and upcoming training.

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