Worker’s Compensation Center of Excellence Success Stories

By: Reanna Perez, CA DCSS

North Coast Regional Department of Child Support Services (North Coast Regional DCSS) recently recognized the many successes of its Worker’s Compensation Center of Excellence (WCCE) in its annual performance report. Over the last year, the WCCE and their partners have been building connections between child support professionals, insurance adjusters, worker’s compensation attorneys, and judges, in order to improve the overall support of children in their communities through worker’s compensation collections.

Some of the great successes of these collaborations include:

• Interstate collection of over $30,000, paying off all of the arrears for the parent paying support
• Negotiation of a child support settlement well above the 50 percent standard negotiation amount
• Letter from an attorney expressing appreciation for the team negotiating a payment and allowing for the case to be settled without going to trial

“(WCCE’s) approach has led to enhanced relationships and, in turn, greater collections for families in California,” North Coast Regional DCSS Director M. Lisa Dugan said. “They are an outstanding example to me of how we can all become more successful by working together, when everyone is responsible for results, and everyone is a contribution.”

In fiscal year 2017-2018, WCCE collected $2.73 for every dollar spent on salaries and benefits for positions within the program.

In addition to the great work from the North Coast Regional DCSS team, improving worker’s compensation collections have been a focus statewide as well. During the 2018 Hackathon, the process for worker’s compensation collections was reviewed and it was improved by streamlining it and making it easier for the LCSAs to file a petition.

Some of the additional benefits of the new process included:

• All required forms in one place
• No longer need to make copies for individual service
• Stored image in CSE
• CSE will generate all necessary copies

The new process was developed to be uniform, convenient and increase collections.