Interpretive Services Contract Awarded to Voiance Language Services, LLC

By: Kristy Hartmann, CA DCSS

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) has awarded a statewide interpretive services contract to a new vendor, Voiance Language Services, LLC. Effective July 1, 2019, the new vendor will be supporting all local child support agencies (LCSAs) with certified-translator services in hundreds of languages.

CA DCSS partnered with several LCSAs in a workgroup to streamline the new changes and ensure a smooth transition. The workgroup participated in a WebEx conference on June 5th to examine the transition and develop strategies to make it as seamless as possible for CA DCSS and the LCSAs. The members accomplished reviewing and finalizing a draft plan that addressed most of the needs for the LCSAs. Special thanks to the Alameda, Butte, Fresno, Placer, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco counties for their time and recommendations!

There will be training during the transition process and LCSAs will receive user-friendly pamphlets and quick reference guides (QRG). The Voiance Softphone and Non-Softphone QRGs and the language code list can be found on the Enterprise Customer Services Solution forum on California Child Support Central. There will be a new 1-800 number, and each LCSA will receive a new client ID, which will be the last four digits of the existing client ID in order to keep the changes as minimal as possible.


Voiance is providing posters and signs broadcasting that interpretive services are available upon request at no charge to the customers. There are three options LCSAs can choose from: a table-top sign, 18×24” poster, or customizable PDF document where they can select sixteen languages to be displayed. The table-top signs and 18×24’” posters will be distributed to the LCSAs through mail, while the PDF documents are distributed electronically. To select from the three options, LCSAs need to email Contract Manager Joshua An at

“Voiance was chosen as an effort to be cost-efficient, while keeping the ability to provide high-quality customer service. I am confident this switch between vendors will be a positive change. I appreciate the time the workgroup has given to assist with the development of the transition plan,” Joshua An states. 

If you have any questions on the new vendor, you may reach out to Joshua An at