Budget and Expenditure Claiming Application (BECA) Project Update

By: Jennifer Younger, CA DCSS

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) and its vendor OpenGov have finalized the configuration of the Budget and Expenditure Claiming Application (BECA). In mid-May, CA DCSS hosted OpenGov during a three-day BECA sprint in Rancho Cordova. The mission of the sprint was to finalize the chart of accounts, along with the expenditure claiming, budget, and full-time equivalent (FTE) submission work streams. Additionally, the sprint allowed the OpenGov team time to develop a better understanding of how CA DCSS conducts business and the various complexities this program encompasses. Overall, the three-day BECA sprint was a success; a lot of work was accomplished!

Earlier this month, CA DCSS and OpenGov held a BECA informational meeting at CA DCSS with LCSA directors and fiscal staff. If you were unable to attend the meeting, you may view the presentation on Child Support University.

During this meeting, the CA DCSS team shared the project goals, project participants, and highlighted the changes this new fiscal application brings to stakeholders. The highlight of this meeting was the platform preview OpenGov presented. The mission of the platform preview was to provide users insight into how BECA will look and feel. The OpenGov team displayed the platform’s organizational structure and explained the different terminology utilized within the platform. After acclimating us to BECA’s new terminology, they dove into the application where they went over the various FTE reporting, expenditure claiming, and budget submission work streams. Concluding the platform preview, CA DCSS provided information about testing and training.

Following the BECA informational meeting in early June, user acceptance testing occurred June 17th and 18th with participation from CA DCSS, OpenGov, and the LCSAs testing different scenarios for each of their counties. The goal of this testing was to ensure that every work-stream functioned successfully when entering and submitting their data. Additionally, the CA DCSS team also tested their capabilities to review, approve, reject, and perform all other functionalities available to them as administrators.

Following successful testing, training for BECA will commence and run through the month of July. CA DCSS will provide regional training sessions throughout the state. CA DCSS will offer on-site training and will offer training via WebEx, if desired by an LCSA. CA DCSS will be sending scheduled training invitations to all those who have been identified as intended users for BECA, so please be on the look out for communication from them.