Riverside County Department of Child Support Services Honored for Caseworker Telecommuting Program

By: Danielle Cenedella, CA DCSS

This month, the Riverside County Department of Child Support Services (Riverside County DCSS) was honored by “RivCo Innovates” for their Caseworker Telecommuting Program.

The Caseworker Telecommuting Program offers Riverside County DCSS staff the opportunity for a more flexible work schedule that will enhance work-life balance, increase productivity and increase employee morale. This new program will also help reduce traffic congestion and reduce the commute for workers in Riverside County.

The Chief Executive Officer of Riverside County created “RivCo Innovates” to align agencies with the county’s mission and vision as well as highlight the many innovative, entrepreneurial activities and events that occur every day in Riverside County.

“Our initiative is exactly what RivCo Innovates is all about,” Director of Riverside County DCSS Kimberly Britt said. “Sharing creative new ideas that have been implemented, enhanced and have achieved results.”

Riverside County DCSS’s Caseworker Telecommuting Program has been in place since June 15, 2018 and currently 36 staff telecommute either one or two consecutive days a week. In order to participate in the program, a home study is conducted to make sure the employee has a designated space with limited distractions that will meet the work needs of the program.

After signing a contractual agreement with their employer, staff are issued a department laptop or tablet to complete their work and to ensure the integrity of the program is safe and secure. Managers are able track the telecommuter’s productivity within the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system and found that the employees who telecommute are more productive than in the office.

Congratulations to Riverside County DCSS on their much-deserved award!