Orange County DCSS Wins National Association of Counties (NACo) 2019 Achievement Award

By: Kristy Hartmann, CA DCSS 

Earlier this month, the Orange County Department of Child Support Services (Orange County DCSS) was recognized for their accomplishments in predictive analytics in the information technology category by the National Association of Counties (NACo) in their announcement of the 2019 Achievement Awards.

Orange County DCSS, through the use of predictive analytics, developed solutions to increase accuracy in identifying payment barriers, anticipate customer needs, and spread awareness to under-served areas within the community. Several years ago, Orange County DCSS invested in new technology and training in computer programming and database query languages in order to utilize predictive analytics across the agency. The Orange County DCSS Leadership and Research teams worked diligently to implement predictive analytics into many departments, such as marketing, case operations, customer service, and policy management.

Predictive analytics evaluates large sets of data and administers statistical modeling to predict behavior and identify trends within data sets. Various models and tools examined payment measures, established consistency across multiple case variables, identified ways to better balance child support orders to wages for paying parents, resulting in an increase of collections in child support payments. These high-performance mechanisms helped Orange County DCSS produce effective case management tools, determine where outreach efforts are most needed, improve performance for families, and inform policymakers at the state and national level.

“It is through innovation, thoughtfulness, and commitment to excellence that Orange County DCSS will continue to lead the way in providing unmatched professional child support services to families and evolve with the changing needs of their community,” Orange County DCSS Director Steve Eldred said in an email announcing the award. “Special congratulations to the (Orange County DCSS) Research Team for their dedication and visionary work of predictive analytics,” he added.