San Joaquin County DCSS Gets a New Look!

San Joaquin County Department of Child Support Services (San Joaquin County DCSS) has revealed their new logo! The staff had decided the time was over for logos that communicated ‘Enforcement’, with pictures that resemble every other government agency, and sought a professional, memorable and attractive visual. The logo they selected portrays a strong DCSS in soothing colors of blue and turquoise with an insert stating the county location. Below, capitalized blue text explains what “DCSS” means, and the San Joaquin County DCSS mission statement follows in pale gray.

San Joaquin County DCSS Assistant Director Veronica Riley explained, “The real ‘magic’ is the bit of whimsy in the background. It reminds parents and staff we are here for the children. So, while we are still a child support enforcement agency, our families can know we are much more…in the end, although we do conduct enforcement actions, we want our families to know we have a compassionate side because we are here to serve the public.”