POP Summit Sets the Stage for Changes on the Horizon

By: Chad Reed, CA DCSS

On Wednesday March 20th, the California Department of Child Support Services’ (CA DCSS) Paternity Opportunity Program (POP) staff hosted the first POP Summit since 2007. The all-day event was attended by more than 50 local child support agency representatives and family law attorneys from counties across the state. All the participants came well-prepared with questions and enthusiasm regarding the upcoming POP restructuring that will take place between now and January 1, 2020.

During the summit, attendees discussed common challenges and shared best practices with POP team members. They also explored the impact of Assembly Bill 2684, 2018 legislation that will reshape the program by expanding the definitions of who can sign parentage/paternity declarations, reflecting the changes in traditional family dynamics. It’s important to communicate these major changes to our current and prospective customers, as well as to our witnessing agency partners.

At the start of the year, an Assembly Bill 2684 Workgroup was formed, composed of individuals across several CA DCSS divisions, including Program Oversight Branch, Policy and Program Branch, Office of Legal Services and the Office of Communication and Public Affairs to assess the impact and requirements of the legislation. These staff are currently working with internal and external stakeholders to identify all areas of POP that will need to be modified in order to achieve full compliance with this important legislation. Changes are already being made to forms, educational materials and the CA DCSS website pages related to POP.

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