Organizational Change Management Project Hits Milestone, Expands Team

By: Abe Mendoza, CA DCSS

The Organizational Change Management (OCM) Project is complete! Throughout the past year, the OCM Team was busy building processes, modifying the OCM approach to fit the California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) needs and hiring exceptional staff. During this time, the OCM approach was piloted on the Forms Modernization Project.

The Forms Modernization Project implements the enhancements and modifications in CSE required for compliance with Assembly Bill 976/Code of Civil Procedure § 1010.6 mandates regarding the expansion of electronic filing. The second aspect of the project, Forms Governance, streamlines the initial review efforts for form changes. Both projects are slated to be completed by mid-May. More detailed information will be shared in Issue 6 of the Forms Modernization Project News later this month.

The other phase of the OCM Project was to hire OCM Facilitators to assist in stakeholder engagement, communications, transition readiness, training and “go live” support for change initiatives throughout DCSS. After dozens of interviews, we selected two candidates who have the skills and knowledge to implement “the people side of change” effectively. Aimee Reeves joins us from the California Department of Public Health and Nicole Bode joins us from Centene, formerly HealthNet. You will learn more about the OCM Team once we hire our third OCM Facilitator in the next few months!

If you have questions about OCM, please email the OCM Team at