Current Child Support App in iTunes Store and Google Play to be Removed

By: Nicole Darracq, CA DCSS

Last month, DCSS Today showcased the innovative rebuild of Customer Connect which will offer child support case participants 24-7 access to their case information, appointments, and payment history on a cloud-based, mobile-responsive platform when it goes live in May.

Also scheduled for a May release is the redesigned California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) website, which will replace with Please note that the old URL will continue to exist until December 2019 so users typing in the old web address will be redirected to the new site, and those with shortcuts and “favorites” will have time to update them.

However, this redirect means that the old Child Support Services app, formerly available at the Apple Store and Google Play, will be obsolete. All functions will be replaced by the new website and new Customer Connect, and the new links mean that when the website goes live the app will simply cease to work. It has already been removed from the Apple Store and Google Play so that no new customers can download it, but there will be no way to directly advise current users.

CA DCSS will be placing a banner about this change on the new website and the new Customer Connect, there will be a message advising callers on the toll-free number’s Interactive Voice Response system, and a short video is in production to be released to all CA DCSS social media platforms. Please be aware that you may be receiving questions about the app going dead and be prepared to direct these customers to Customer Connect and the new website for better, more interactive choices making payments and getting their case information.

If your county website or email signature blocks have invitations to download the app, please remove them as well. Thank you for your assistance in getting the word out to our case participants!