Brand New Research and Data Analytics Team at CA DCSS

By: Danielle Cenedella, CA DCSS

In February, the California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS), along with a representative from Orange County Department of Child Support Services, led a Policy Meets Analytics sprint with the goal of creating a new research team under the Executive Office to help the department effectively use all the data collected when evaluating program policies and regulations. That team is now created, and they will be known as the Office of Research and Data Analytics (RDA)!

The RDA Team’s mission is to develop an infrastructure that implements a standardized approach to researching data and accurately assessing policy decision impacts to the Child Support Program. This team will allow CA DCSS to better evaluate the policies and programs we have enacted by helping to provide a narrative to our present and future program decisions.

With the goal of transforming data into meaningful information, the RDA Team will also be able to quickly identify what activities are or are not working for our program. This will help CA DCSS and the local child support agencies (LCSAs) respond quickly to the needs of our participants by turning the data collected into useable information so we can adjust our program as needed.

The RDA Team will be the single point of contact for data requests received from a vast group of interested parties including; DCSS Executives, the governor’s office, Health and Human Services Agency, legislators, advocates, LCSAs, and general public records requests.

CA DCSS is looking forward to the improved data analytics that will benefit all of our stakeholders and our program!