New CA DCSS Publications Coming Soon!

By: Danielle Cenedella, CA DCSS

In January 2019, the California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) Office of Communications and Public Affairs (OCPA) reached out to the local child support agencies (LCSA) to get feedback about the publications that are most-widely used and which topics the LCSAs would like to see addressed.

The goal of the publications inventory is to offer an opportunity to the LCSAs to use publications that have a consistent message and address the lack of awareness about the Child Support Program among the public and even participants who currently use our program.

OCPA received great feedback from the LCSAs regarding the usefulness of current publications, new publications needed, and what publications can be eliminated. After reviewing all feedback, the most requested publication from the LCSAs was a general information brochure about the Child Support Program, including infographics regarding the flow of the child support process from beginning, middle, and end. While all publications will eventually be updated or created, OCPA will be focusing on creating the general information brochure ASAP.

Thank you to all of the LCSA staff for this great collaboration and information gathering. It will help CA DCSS provide better communication through our publications and support the effort of raising awareness and education about California’s Child Support Program.

If you have any questions about this effort, contact Danielle Cenedella at Stay tuned for more information soon!