New Budget and Expenditure Claiming Application Coming to All LCSAs in 2019!

Have you heard of the new Budget and Expenditure Claiming Application (BECA) Project? If not, and you have a part in your local child support agency’s (LCSA) fiscal administrative activities, you may be impacted!

The goal of the BECA Project includes the replacement, data retention, and decommission of the fiscal applications currently being used with a single application that will receive and report local budgets, expenditures, and other fiscal data. These applications include the antiquated CS921 Budget Allocation System (CS921), Electronic Data Processing Maintenance & Operations (EDP M&O), CS356 Administrative Expenditure Claim System (CS356), and County Expenditure Management System (CEMS).

How will the BECA Project achieve this new goal? The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) has procured a cloud-based platform called OpenGov to consolidate all budget and expenditure reporting processes. The objective of this project is to:

• Capture, monitor, analyze, and report fiscal and FTE data,
• Provide analytic details with monthly data displayed through a series of canned or ad hoc reports, including forecasting capabilities not currently available,
• Enhance usability and accessibility, and,
• Leverage modern technology that will allow for future growth and changing business needs

CA DCSS held a kick-off meeting for their long-anticipated BECA Project on January 8, 2019, in Sacramento. During this meeting CA DCSS formally introduced the BECA Project to all attendees. They presented the road to finding OpenGov as the most suitable solution, a high-level look at the project timeline, the project scope, and the project charter. Also presented during this meeting was the project team members who include:

• Irene Briggs and Nan Chen, Project Sponsors
• Jennifer Younger, Project Manager
• Donna Scheidegger, Project Lead
• Lesley Bell, Regional Administrator
• LCSA Fiscal & Admin. Support Sec., Core BECA Project Team
• Carrie Norris, Office of Enterprise Project Management
• Abe Mendoza, Organizational Change Management
• 18 LCSA representatives, BECA LCSA Workgroup

Later that day, following the project kick-off meeting, CA DCSS held a BECA LCSA Workgroup workshop to review and discuss the budget and expenditure line item templates and definitions. CA DCSS will continue to work closely with the BECA LCSA Workgroup and all other impacted stakeholders to make sure that this new application is successfully implemented.

For any questions, please contact the Core BECA Project Team at and stay tuned for more information about the BECA Project in the coming months!

Please click on the BECA logo below to watch a short video that speaks about BECA’s new features!