CA DCSS Shows Phenomenal Support for Annual Food Drive

By: Kayleen Carter, CA DCSS

With February right around the corner, the California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) continues to charge towards the finish line for the 2018 Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services Food Drive with remarkable support from staff members, surpassing the current goal of 10,000 pounds worth of donations very early on.

On January 8th, staff members brought their one-dollar bills to the department’s second Bring a Dollar to Make a Difference Day, yielding $91 which translated into 227 pounds. On January 17th, five CA DCSS executives bravely volunteered for a new fundraising event called “Pie the Executive.” Staff members were invited to donate in the name of one of eight executives: Director David Kilgore, Deputy Director Mark Beckley, Information Technology Manager II Catherine Lanzaro, Child Support Services Division Deputy Director Vickie Contreras, Chief Counsel Kristen Donadee, Regional Administrator George Chance, Chief Financial Officer Nan Chen, and Policy and Program Oversight Branch Chief Kerry Cataline. The five executives with the highest donations had the honor of receiving a pie in the face. Deputy Director Beckley had the highest bid overall at $93, with Director of Operations Robert Jones, representing the Operations Division, throwing the pie. Collections received from the event amounted to $285 which translated to another 712 pounds!

On January 23rd, CA DCSS held a Crockpot Cook-Off where staff volunteered to cook their best Crockpot dish and vie for a chance to claim CA DCSS Crockpot Champion! Sultana Blair, Cassandra DiBenedetto, Kristen Donadee, David Koostra, Christian Belsky, and Vickie Contreras all volunteered to cook a dish with Sultana Blair opting to cook FOUR dishes. Offering five tastings for $5 or a bowl/plate of one’s favorite dish for $3, CA DCSS raised a total of $181 from the event, which translates into 452.5 pounds of food! Congratulations to Sultana for winning first AND third place for two separate dishes, and Cassandra DiBenedetto who won second place! CA DCSS has raised a total of 15,250 pounds of food so far with Director David Kilgore challenging staff to double last year’s donation of 10,000 pounds. There’s still time with the CA DCSS Cookie Crawl coming on February 6th.