Statewide Training Branch 2019: New Year, New Offerings!

By: Statewide Training Branch

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) Statewide Training Branch (STB) strives to offer CA DCSS and local child support agency (LCSA) staff more each year, because our job is to help you with your job! In 2018, we published 45 new modules to Child Support University (CSU), hosted 23 webinars and 11 Child Support Enforcement Release trainings, facilitated eight classroom trainings, participated in the CA DCSS Hackathon and more. In 2019, we’re excited to offer a number of new training options, including the Child Support Experience and New LCSA Director Training.

The Child Support Experience
The Center for Support of Families has developed an experiential workshop that will be offered as the third segment of new hire training for all CA DCSS staff, after Child Support Program Orientation online and in the classroom. The simulation training will provide CA DCSS employees the opportunity to experience, in a simulated environment, what a caseworker’s typical day feels like. By facilitating this training, CA DCSS staff who have no field experience will better understand our customers’ world, leading to improved customer service for our LCSAs and the families we all serve.

New LCSA Director Training
The STB is partnering with LCSA directors and subject matter experts as well as CA DCSS executive staff to produce an exciting series of online learning modules for new directors. The comprehensive program will cover a wide variety of subjects including audits and compliance, local operations, the role of the courts, state reporting, technology, politics and more. Though titled New LCSA Director Training, the 18-module series will serve as a great resource not only for new directors, but for those who aspire to become directors, existing directors looking for a refresher, and CA DCSS staff interested in knowing more about the LCSA director experience.

These are but two of the exciting offerings STB has in store for our colleagues in 2019, and we look forward to sharing news about other training as the year progresses. There are more interesting modules coming soon, so check the CSU Training Calendar often and feel free to contact us at if we can be of service to you!