CA DCSS Communications Staff Rub Elbows with Adobe Execs and Other Industry Leaders at Adobe Max Training Conference

By: Office of Communications & Public Affairs Staff

Kristeena Alder
Adobe Max was one of the best conferences I’ve attended. Though the first day was a bit overwhelming, trying to navigate the convention center and take in all the information, it was an awesome start to the week. The first session previewed all the changes to programs creatives had been asking for for years. The smallest features – like double clicking to make a change instead of shuffling through menus – got cheers. You couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement in the room. The whole week was packed with information: the keynotes, the sessions and even the free time exploring the sponsored booths. Outside of the sessions it was nice meeting designers and other artists from across the country and around the world. The updates to programs like Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign and Illustrator that we use here at California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) will increase productivity and speed up our workflow. I left feeling like part of a greater community of creators that I can learn from.

Alyssa Smith
Attending the 2018 Adobe MAX Conference was a privilege! In just a first few days, my coworkers Dylan Fujimoto, Kristeena Alder, and I were exposed to some of the top talent in the industry: employees of Samsung, Adidas, Google, and many other top brands. Academy Award-winning filmmaker and actor Ron Howard spoke to us about how “creativity has value. [We] aren’t wasting [our] time dreaming.” As someone who has spent her entire career on the marketing and creative side of state service, this was absolutely inspiring to hear.

Throughout the conference, attendees learned fundamentals, tips and tricks for their respective discipline whether it was photography, videography or even character animation. It was very eye-opening to learn how changes in layout and size of graphics and videos makes a huge difference in audience retention and effective messaging. This experience allowed me to learn new ways to do old things, while networking with top creative professionals that I would typically only see on social media.

To say that Adobe MAX was one of the best training experiences in my state career would be an understatement. I started my creative journey as an eight-year-old trying to manipulate photos in Photoshop, and years later I am amazed at the amount of knowledge I brought back from all the sessions and workshops. This experience has left me humbled, inspired, and prepared with new ways to utilize Adobe software when creating graphics for our internal newsletter and all staff events, not to mention the infamous photos of Director Kilgore that you’ve seen floating around.

Dylan Fujimoto
Adobe MAX is a conference unlike any other, a place and time where Adobe gathers industry leaders and creators to share their knowledge and stories with the ‘little guy.’ With keynote speakers including filmmaker Ron Howard and photographer Albert Watson speaking on what success meant to them, it was easy to see why a room full of 14,000 attendees was kept at the edge of their seats. Adobe MAX not only pulls the greatest creative minds together in one place, it is also their platform for launching new products and product updates. Never did I think that a simple addition of the keyboard command CTRL+Z to undo (previously CTRL+SHIFT+Z) would be met with the thunderous applause of 14,000 people.

Creativity was freely flowing and the breakout sessions, which are at the core of Adobe MAX, were taught by Adobe-certified trainers or industry leaders. Multiple sessions focused on the importance of social media and how to improve your brand’s appeal on each platform. At CA DCSS we are constantly striving to improve the way we reach our customers and present information to them. Our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube followings have grown over the past few years, and with information gained from Adobe MAX, we can capitalize on that growth and reach more customers. We learned simple tips such as the value of having different types of posts across each platform, the benefit of different video formats for YouTube and Facebook, and the importance of brand cohesion when publishing different types of videos. Adobe MAX gave the members of the CA DCSS Multi Media Team the knowledge to better utilize social media.