Trail Blazing with the Statewide Training Branch

By: The Statewide Training Branch

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) Statewide Training Branch (STB) has partnered with The Center for Support of Families to bring specialized training to our county child support agencies around the state, addressing important topics such as Domestic Violence, Collaborative Negotiations, Procedural Justice, and Motivational Interviewing. Sessions were held in Fresno and Santa Clara in late October and upcoming sessions will be held in San Bernardino on November 5-8, and in Rancho Cordova on November 27-30.

STB is also pleased to announce the release of Mandatory Reporter Training! Mandated reporters are individuals who are required by law to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect. Refer to Child Support Services Information (CSSI) Letter 18-06, which includes Department of Social Services online self-study training for designated employees.

Learning Live
STB recently facilitated classroom sessions of two of our most popular classes: Trainer Skill Building and Child Support Program Orientation to the Child Support Enforcement System (CSPO-CSE).

Trainer Skill Building engages participants to learn the basics of effective training and to practice with their peers in a fun, safe environment. County child support agency employees who complete the course may even go on to train staff at other county offices and help with resource allocation at their sister agencies.

CSPO-CSE is an introductory course which provides a vehicle for learning more about child support functions while working hands-on with CSE. Traditionally a course for CA DCSS employees, it was recently extended to new hires in county offices with great results. If you are interested in sending your new hires to future classes, please contact – we would love to see you!

What’s New on CSU?
Child Support University (CSU) offers you one-stop-shopping for training on a variety of Child Support topics! This library of on-line learning modules is updated each month to provide you information on what’s new and notable. Our most recent e-learning module releases include:

Workforce Development
A partnership between CA DCSS and the California Workforce Development Board, this project aims to improve job success for unemployed, underemployed, and in-arrears noncustodial parents by leveraging the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Adding & Using E-Process Server Mini-Modules
E-Process Server is a web-based solution for transferring Service Packets electronically from county child support offices to a designated Process Server. These two short modules explain the basics of adding and using this CSE feature.

Text Messaging for Child Support
Contra Costa and Riverside Counties recently piloted the use of text messaging to reach customers. Using CA DCSS-approved scripts, these counties sent reminders and information via text to those who opted in. Check out the webinar to learn more about this innovative effort.

Access to Justice
Three Colorado programs leverage new technology to deliver cost-effective free legal assistance to self-represented parties. Watch the web talk to learn more.

There are more interesting modules coming soon so check the CSU Training calendar often!