San Joaquin County DCSS Forges Productive Partnership with Local Law Enforcement

By: Veronica Riley, San Joaquin County DCSS

In June 2017, San Joaquin County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) Child Support Officer (CSO) Carin Rhodes submitted a plan to her leadership team that involved engaging local law enforcement agencies in a collaborative effort to intercept money from incarcerated parents who owe past due child support.

Carin’s plan detailed the introduction of herself and San Joaquin County DCSS to surrounding law enforcement agencies in Stockton, Lodi, Lathrop, Tracy, and Manteca, as well as the San Joaquin County Sheriff. She suggested to these agencies that, if a parent is arrested with money and owes past due child support, San Joaquin County DCSS would be willing to generate a writ and attach that money prior to the parent being released from jail. The San Joaquin County leadership team eagerly gave Carin their approval.

Carin went to work right away reaching out to all of the agencies with whom she wanted to partner. She received positive feedback from each, and for the last year has received information and leads from her collaborators. While the success of the program is still being tested, she decided we should recognize our most frequent responder.

In September, Carin and fellow CSO Ashley Hullen surprised Officer Fred Kelley, Supervisor of the Tracy Police Department’s Forensic Services Unit, CSI-Evidence & Property, at his office. They presented him with a tool bag stuffed with items he can use while working in his shop at home and on something he calls his wife’s ‘honey-do’ list. Officer Kelley was pleased to meet Carin and Ashley and happy to accept our grateful acknowledgement of his continued efforts!

It is partnerships such as these between county, state, and federal agencies that help us continue to improve the results of the work we do. Thank you to Carin Rhodes for seeing the need and finding a solution!