CA DCSS Staff Graduates From CalHR Workforce Planning Cohort

By: Irene Briggs, CA DCSS

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) Human Resources Branch (HRB) recently graduated from the CalHR Workforce Planning Cohort in which HRB staff created a CA DCSS Workforce Plan for calendar years 2018 through 2020. The CalHR cohort program consisted of multiple workshops and consultation sessions over a four-month period where HRB staff identified workforce risks threatening to impede the organization’s strategic mission, applied talent management strategies to address workforce gaps, address the loss of resources and increased public expectation for services, developed forecasting tools to predict trends, and proactively respond to workforce planning initiatives.

The CA DCSS plan forecasts the department’s future workforce needs and addresses any gaps and risks that may prevent CA DCSS from having a talented and competent workforce for the years ahead. The CA DCSS Workforce Plan includes an overview of the department, the demographic and classification challenges we face, gaps and risks as well as on-going and future initiatives to address our workforce challenges. The future initiatives are comprised of input obtained from the CA DCSS Executive Team. CA DCSS hopes to release its Workforce Plan in Fall 2018.

HRB staff will also participate in the CalHR Succession Planning Cohort in Spring 2019 in which a CA DCSS Succession Plan will be created in order to address the gaps and risks identified in the CA DCSS Workforce Plan.