CA DCSS Unveils NEW Spanish Instructional and Quick Tip Videos on the Child Support Program

By: Dana Simas, CA DCSS

I’m excited to announce that the California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) Office of Communication and Public Affairs has created our first release of Spanish long-form instructional videos that explain the child support process as well as 30-second “quick tip” videos that address some of our most frequently asked questions. We released this set in English about a month ago and sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed them. We encourage the use of these videos on your website, social media, lobby televisions, etc.

A very big thank you to all of the local child support agency representatives in the Communications Workgroup who helped us develop the scripts for these videos, your real-world experience contributed a lot to the quality of the information shared in this first set.

SPANISH Instructional Videos:

SPANISH Quick Tips:

ENGLISH Instructional Videos:

ENGLISH Quick Tips: