Re-Branding Contract Concludes with Branding Implementation Plan

By: Nicole Darracq, CA DCSS

In April of 2017, California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) entered into a contract with Ogilvy Worldwide for comprehensive market research on the child support brand in California, intending for the results to inform a rebranding of child support with the goal of improving our image and expanding awareness of our services to the community. And what a year it has been!

The focus group research delivered powerful insights into the needs and motivations of our customers, enabling Ogilvy to identify key directions for messages that will address parent/customer concerns and more accurately highlight the very real benefits of Child Support Services. The final deliverable of the contract was a detailed Branding Implementation Plan, which was presented to the county directors and CA DCSS executive staff in mid-July. It will be presented to all CA DCSS staff at two Town Hall sessions scheduled for August 1st and 2nd.

In the plan, Ogilvy revisits the focus group results and shows how customer responses were used to establish key attributes that the Child Support Program should display to attract a positive response from our target audiences. Basing our outreach on this very concrete evidence gives Child Support Services statewide an opportunity to re-frame the conversation with a better understanding of what motivates both payers and receivers, and what our customers do and don’t want from us. Very specific recommendations are made for targeting and positioning our outreach and education efforts, and for naming conventions, imagery and strategies for delivering this new and improved child support message. Ogilvy concludes with a road map for suggested outreach that can be adapted to any budget and scaled up or down as circumstances permit in any county or region.

We are looking forward to sharing all of this exciting information with CA DCSS staff as well as all of our
county Child Support Program partners.