IRS Publication 1075 Employee Background Checks Update

By: Kayleen Carter, CA DCSS

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) has begun implementation of Background Investigative Checks at the state and local levels, in compliance with the Internal Revenue Services’ (IRS) Publication 1075, which requires that all state and local agencies conduct a background investigation for employees who have access to Federal Tax Information (FTI). The law also restricts access to FTI to individuals whose duties or responsibilities require said access.

The minimum requirements for compliance with Pub. 1075 are:

• A written policy requiring employees, contractors and sub-contractors with access to FTI to complete a background investigation

• Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprinting of all impacted individuals

• Confirmation of where these individuals have lived, worked, and/or attended school and proof of their citizenship or legal residency

CA DCSS recently sent an online survey for local child support agencies, to gauge the status of each local child support agency’s progress in implementing the background investigation process. The results of the survey are being evaluated and more information will be made available as the implementation process unfolds.