National Walking Day

By: Jorlinis Centeno

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) participated in National Walking Day on Wednesday, April 4th. National Walking Day was created by the American Heart Association in 2007 to encourage and remind people to be active during their work time. For the past two years, the CA DCSS Health and Wellness Unit has sponsored the event at CA DCSS headquarters in Rancho Cordova. This year, more than 50 participants enjoyed a 30-minute walk in the beautiful 70-degree weather during their morning break.

Before the walk started, all the participants got together and posed outside the building for a group photo to represent their support for healthier living, everyone smiled for the camera and went off to enjoy their heart-healthy exercise. Some participants walked in groups, others ran but most importantly everyone had the chance to enjoy the beautiful day, get a little exercise and breathe some fresh air.

The goal of National Walking Day is to encourage workers to get away from their desks and electronics and be more active throughout the day.

CA DCSS Health and Wellness Unit Coordinator Stella Hernandez hopes that next year more participants sign up.  “it’s important to walk to clear the mind, get the blood flowing and enjoy nature,” she said.

As participants finished their walk, raw almonds and water bottles were provided to replenish their energy with healthy calories.  Some participants said they were motivated to join the event because they support the American Heart Association and its effort to promote healthy living. Everyone who participated was thrilled to be part of CA DCSS “National Walking Day”.