Yes, We “Can”!

By: Kayleen Carter, CA DCSS

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) employees collected 9,281 pounds in canned food and donations for the annual state-sponsored food drive, almost doubling the initial goal of 5,000 pounds in a 288 percent increase from 2016.

The food drive began mid-October of 2017 and ran through January 25, 2018 for the gathering of canned food, cash donations and hard goods. The event was a commitment to benefit the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, and all state departments participated. In 2016, CA DCSS contributed 2,500 pounds worth of food and cash donations, so the event planning team set a goal of 5,000 pounds for the 2017-2018 effort.

Sophia Attaway, Staff Services Manager in the CA DCSS Office of Intergovernmental Services (IGS), said that every year, each state department has their own way of participating in the event. This year, CA DCSS had several small events. Statewide, the food drive started with a turkey drop, then transitioned to the Run to Feed the Hungry, in which state employees who participated had their entry fee included as part of the CA DCSS donation.

The smaller events specific to CA DCSS were a “garage” sale, canned food sculptures with a team weigh-in competition, a crockpot soup sale, a bake sale, gift basket drawings, and a Mardi Gras-themed carnival with games and events that raised even more funds.

Each year, the organization of the event is handled by different divisions within CA DCSS, and in 2017, the committee was chaired by Assistant Chief Counsels Kristen Donadee and Maria Gianelli from CA DCSS Legal Services.
The committee thanked Dana Simas, Assistant Director of Communications and her team from Office of Communications and Public Affairs for their help in coordinating the promotion of the food drive with digital, printed and video work.

“I have participated in many food drive efforts over my past 25 years of state service,” Assistant Chief Counsel Gianelli said. “This one was by far the most ambitious…their efforts cannot be underestimated and their creativity and dedication was the reason for our success.”

Congratulations to all CA DCSS employees who participated in this charitable event to help raise an impressive sum for the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services!