OCM Update

By: The OCM Team

The California Department of Child Support Services (CA DCSS) Organizational Change Management (OCM) effort has a new official logo! This month, 299 CA DCSS employees voted to select this new, beautiful logo, and now it will brighten our communications and solidify our branding as we implement the OCM methodology at CA DCSS.

In addition, the OCM team has been gathering feedback on how to improve communications, both within CA DCSS and between CA DCSS and the local child support agencies. We queried a total of 258 CA DCSS employees and 11 county director volunteers during 15 sessions held over 15 days. The sessions were a combination of one-on-one phone interviews and in-person group sessions, and provided over 1,400 pieces of feedback. We will share the key findings and recommendations once our Communications report is finalized. Action items from this report will be implemented through the Communications Improvement Project, due to be kicked off in late March.

The Communications Improvement Project is one of three pilot projects that were approved by CA DCSS Executives to test the OCM Methodologies we have been busy building. This project will be led by CA DCSS Office of Communications and Public Affairs with Assistant Director of Communications, Dana Simas, as the Executive Sponsor. The Forms Modernization Project, with Vickie Contreras as the Executive Sponsor and Mark Rodgers as the Project Manager, is the second pilot project. The Forms Modernization Project is an effort to implement the changes needed to support AB976 as well as a delivery method, structure and governance to support electronic filing. The third pilot project will be the Departmental Scanning effort led by Project Sponsor Irene Briggs, which will help us remove some of the large inventory of paper files that currently consume valuable space in the CA DCSS building.

We will share more information about these projects and how we are supporting the ‘people side of change’ in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions please email us at OCM@dcss.ca.gov.