DCSS Welcomes Acting Director Michael Wilkening

This month the California Department of Child Support Services welcomed Acting Director Michael Wilkening, who is also currently an Undersecretary at the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS).

Mr. Wilkening has served as Undersecretary of CHHS since 2008. In this role, he is responsible for twelve departments, along with various boards, commissions, and offices. Mr. Wilkening is the Executive Sponsor of the CHHS Open Data Initiatives and Agency Technology Governance Council which seeks to improve public access to non-confidential health data and encourage partnership between government and civic technologists who can use the data to create innovative solutions for the public good.

Prior to joining Agency, he served in a number of leadership positions at the California Department of Finance, including Program Budget Manager for the Health and Human Services Unit.

Mr. Wilkening received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from the University of California, Davis.