Director’s Message

We have finished the first month of 2018 and if the rest of this year is any indication of the amount of movement, progress, and transformation that will happen in the next 11 months we have a lot to be excited about. To begin the year the California Department of Child Support Services Executive Staff opened up our project to-do list with the local child support agency directors in both the Southern and Northern regions to gain consensus on what changes are top-priority for California’s Child Support Program. We have a lot of projects on our plate which need to be prioritized and we can’t do that alone. Tackling even a smaller list requires all hands on deck and moving in the same directions. The three practice areas that rose to the top were case initiation/order setting/guidelines, financial modules retooling, and tailoring enforcement tools. These are all great and timely projects and will require decisions on prioritization of subcomponents of each. We agree that these are critical projects. They will require changes to our current technology, to policy and regulation, to our forms, new training and outreach and have significant dependencies in outside influences such as the Judicial Council of California’s guideline study. Each of those dependencies will need to be identified and to have all of us work as a collective to solve each piece, but I know we can do it. This is just the first step of our tremendous journey ahead and I know we will all work tirelessly to get things done. These services and improvements in all three areas will make a meaningful difference in helping the children and families we serve. The collaboration won’t stop at this initial discussion and I look forward to working together to make this another monumentally successful year.