CA DCSS Letter Review Forum Completes First Milestone

Over the past year, the California Department of Child Support Services’ (CA DCSS) Policy and Program Branch partnered with policy coordinators and directors at numerous local child support agencies (LCSAs) on the Letter Review Forum Workgroup in order to complete Phase I of the Policy and Procedure Manual Project (PPMP).

Previously, CA DCSS did not have clearly defined policies on a range of subjects. Policies were often mixed with procedures, were often outdated, and were provided to the LCSAs in various, sometimes conflicting, ways. The goal of the PPMP was to separate policies from procedures, incorporate them into the Statewide Policies Manual, and discontinue the use of letters for outdated policy.

This month, the Letter Review Forum Workgroup completed the final round (Round 18) of Phase I letter reviews, a major accomplishment! In all, the workgroup reviewed 1,389 letters.

Phase I involved the review of all policy letters and supporting documents for relevance, clarity, and accuracy. Staff at LCSAs reviewed and provided feedback on all of the suggested changes to ensure the changes were appropriate.

The PPMP will help reduce the risk of conflicting information, reduce workload for future research, increase clarity, understanding, and adherence to proper policies and procedures and ensure CA DCSS and LCSAs are operating under the same rules.

CA DCSS will be issuing a matrix of all of the changes that were made in the letter review process. To stay updated on the progress of this project, see the Letter Review Forum on CA-Child Support Central under the “Forums” tab, in the “Letter Review Forum” option.