Get Ready for PayPal!

By: Nicole Darracq, CA DCSS

As part of the ongoing commitment to make the process of child support simpler and more convenient for our paying parents, CA DCSS and the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) are adding PayPal to the online payment options. PayPal offers individuals with PayPal accounts a safe, convenient way to pay their child support either directly from linked bank accounts or with a linked credit card. Provided by Value Payment Systems, a third-party vendor who designed the ability to link PayPal with the SDU and Conduent, the service will have a convenience fee (2.49% with a $3.95 minimum). Please note that the PayPal mobile app – which requires both payer and recipient to have PayPal accounts– will not be a payment option. The CA DCSS PayPal option will be similar to the experience a person has with a retail site like Amazon, in which PayPal is a payment option on the website portal.

Trials are running now, and the Executive Programs team expects to have PayPal live by March 31. Various outreach materials will be available to get the word out to parents, including a poster, wallet card, window cling and website banner – Nicole Darracq at CA DCSS will be reaching out to determine quantities soon.